I am many things. Mother. Friend. Coach (sober, health, life). Yoga teacher. Co-founder of Shinetribe, a dedicated group of amazing people who recognize how much more brilliant and badass we are when we come together. I am committed to moving through the world authentically, always striving to be better, do better. In a market saturated by shiny images, my goal is to remain a woman of integrity. kindness, and excellence. I am unafraid to speak my truth and strive to  empower my students and clients to do the same. I walk my talk and do not tolerate bigotry.  I love strong coffee, green juice, no bullshit conversations, long sweaty runs and yoga, snuggling with my family, and a good night's sleep.  I have been sober and  practiced yoga for over twenty years. Before becoming a 500 RYT and Lead Teacher Trainer at YogaWorks, I was a trial attorney for many years, tenacious, brave, passionate.  Now I am an advocate for my students and clients, bearing witness for them as they dig deep and discover their own truth and manifest through hard and honest work a fulfilling and incredible life that brings them satisfaction and joy. Think of me as your most loyal advocate, biggest cheerleader, boldest big sister who will raise you to your highest standard so you can uncover and own your very best, most authentic, incredible Self.


Testimonial by Carolyn P.

"Jocelyn is one of the best teachers with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. She creates a deep connection through goal-setting and affirmation-creating workshops and self-care strategies."

Testimonial by Elizabeth B., mom to two young and super energetic kids.

"I finally decided to live my dream life, but trying to juggle the demands of motherhood while also prioritizing self-care and personal goals became a frustrating mess. Jocelyn cleared the fog in my overwhelmed, tired, mother mind. Since working with her, my life feels simpler and the path to achieving my goals is clear. I am empowered and in control, and it feels awesome!"